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Anonymous: From Third Party Profile Survey

The following testimonials were taken from a third party profile survey that went out to past and present colleagues and managers, allowing their comments to remain anonymous to me:

“Stefanie is a person who has earned my respect. She knows what she’s doing and gets her job done. Her opinion matters.”

“As a leader and motivator, Stefanie has proven herself to be inspirational to others. She has a strong work ethic that inspires others and has confidence in leading and showing others the way.”

“Stef’s a great marketer and manager, but I am probably most impressed with her uncommonly strong work ethic and good common sense thinking. I’m thankful for her professional advice and encouragement.”

“Stef is organized and driven to do the best job possible.”

“Stef provides information and details that convince others with extremely professional demeanor.”

“Stef’s greatest strength is her keen eye for detail and ability to organize the disorganized.”

“Stef knows what needs to be done. And she does it.”

“Stefanie is a great motivator and always wants to develop new ideas.”

“If Stefanie says she’ll do something, she’ll do it, and do it right. If she sees something that needs to be done, she’ll make sure it’s taken care of.”

“Stefanie is like a bus. She gets everyone on board, pointed in the same direction, and to the destination on time.” 

“It’s a pleasure to work with Stefanie. I have a great deal of respect for her personally and professionally.”

“Very reliable, well organized.”

“Stefanie is good at working with others and is willing to listen to any idea.”